Electronic Access System is a unique security solution that can give you a control over your business’ physical security. It allows you to create a restricted access from your different facilities based on your defined guidelines. Most of this system offers an audit trail that can show the times that the door had been accessed, by whom and if the access was denied. Through these reports, it can give you an important and detailed information by whom it was been accessed, tried to access and when it was been accessed.

Why use Electronic Access System?

Reduces cost for changing the locks

When your employee leaves the organization and failed to return the keys, you will be in need to replace all the locks. But when you use Electronic Access System, a simple click of your mouse can easily deny a person for accessing the building. You can also avoid problems of losing and stolen keys, that can definitely save your money.




Difficult for duplicating

When it comes to a physical key, you already know that it can easily be duplicated. But with your Electronic Access System, it will require a higher degree for sophistication. With this, you are assured that your control system is more secure and can’t easily have duplication.

You will know comes and go inside your property

With this system, it can allow you to run some report towards access area, individual card holder and number of some variables. There are companies that uses these report for checking the time and attendance.

Protect some crucial areas

With your organization or business, not everyone should have an access to the different areas of your building. Through Electronic Access System, you can make a way for programming the different areas of the restricted access. You can just simply give an access to your employees for the areas that are according to the security clearance and their status. You can also have a better ability for managing certain situations.

Promotes honesty

Electronic access system is not just only for the security of your property, but it also serves as the deterrent of employee’s honesty. With your society today, it is already so difficult to determine whom you will trust and what will you prevent. So, with this system it can be a great help for saving your organization and your money.

In today’s generation, you need an extra layer of protection for making your life as safe and secure as possible. Apartment, buildings and condominiums can offer crime opportunities. With this, you don’t want to be a victim of this cases. So, control protections like Electronic Access System is the best option for you. it is very important that you are considering a multi- technology lock that offers great benefits that you will need for you properties. When it comes to safety, you don’t want to risk your family, employees and business associates. So, installing this system can make a big difference for the safety and security that you always wanted to achieve.

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